translationCore tN Checks

We’ve posted a translationNotes tC checks zip file that shows the English data behind the translationCore tN tool checks. These are tab delimited files that you can use for manually checking a translation. You should be able to open each one in a spreadsheet program.

The files are organized by the type of check, so all the simile’s should be in the same file, for the whole Bible. The checks are organized by canonical book order, so you can easily scroll to the NT books if that is all you need for your immediate checking.

Please post questions, comments and any other feedback you have from using these here.

A few questions have come in about these files that I want to clarify here for others…

“AT” is short for alternate translation. It means, “or, you could translate it like this.” Note that we will be expanding this in the text itself in our next release of translationNotes.

These notes normally apply to the whole verse. In these cases “General Information:” will be in the place where the reference normally is, to indicate that there may not be a specific phrase in the verse that the comments relate to. If there are specific references in the verse that the note refers to then those will be quoted in the comment, as in the example above (“a psalm of Solomon”).

Yes, they are, but note that the comment does quote “us” from verse 17, indicating a specific word that it relates to.

Yes. In this case these are three types of figures of speech that are employed in Job 38:28-30.

Someone has also turned the tsv files into HTML pages with checkboxes, which may help you track your progress. Note that the checkmark status does not persist after you close the file though! (540.9 KB) (1.4 MB)