What's new for Version 11.1?

Changes for Desktop Version 11.1

Version 11.1 for Desktop has been released. Here are the highlights of the changes.

Changes in the Menus

  • Extra text in the menus have been removed - the menus have less text to read. There are now two ways to read more about the menu choices:
    • Added info button - hover over the little ‘i’ in a circle next to each option to read a brief description
    • Added or updated the links to help desk web pages - you must be connected to the Internet to read further information about the menu choices


  • translationStudio for Desktop now supports printing for Right-to-Left languages in PDFs.


  • A previous search is now cleared when re-opening project
  • The searching now includes the text in footnotes
  • Searching for quote marks is now supported
  • The search feature no longer finds verse markers


  • A bug has been fixed that caused problems when rendering footnote text that contained quotation marks
  • Footnotes are now displayed in the EN-UDB resource

Project Review Page

  • Added a scrollbar to handle long lists of contributors
  • Corrected wording on terms agreement
  • The “Agree to the Terms” checkbox is available only after a contributor’s name has been entered
  • Easier transition back to project page when leaving the Project Review section.

Other Fixes

Project Changes

  • The program no longer temporarily freezes when saving project changes
  • Speed improvements on functions that modify project list

Updated Legal Info

  • Updated wording on License Agreement
  • Updated wording on Translation Guidelines

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Better error handling when importing projects
  • Better error handling when importing new source texts
  • Fixed a problem caused by duplicate sources in a project
  • Fix for duplicate questions in resources

Installation and Application Start Up

  • Speed improvements in application start up
  • Imported source texts are maintained when upgrading