What's in the Door43-Catalog?

A question that we often get asked is something along the lines of “How do I see what’s in the Door43-Catalog”, or “What’s in the catalog”, or even “what catalog resources are available in language x?”.

While there have been various ways of getting at this information, they have been bit a cumbersome until the recent upgrade of DCS.

Project Search for Organizations

There is a now a much simpler and hopefully handy way of looking up the answers to these questions. The process boils down to two steps, (1) load the Door43-Catalog page in DCS and (2) use the project search bar!

That in page search bar allows you to search through all of an organizations projects, when there are many, like we have in the catalog, this is really helpful.

Search by Language Code

If you know the language code you are looking for, then you can put that into the search bar and click Search, like this screenshot showing several Punjabi ¶ resources:

Share The Link

You can also link to the searches you perform by copying the URL out of your browsers address bar. For example, to see the Punjabi search I did above, you can click this link: Door43 Resource Catalog - Door43 Content Service

Search by Type

Looking for all the translationNotes projects that have been published? Try this tN search link. Looking for all of the published versions of Open Bible Stories? You can use this OBS search link–but you might find the view on Library — Open Bible Stories easier to navigate.

Browse for More

Of course, if you want to see all the resources, you’ll need to scroll through pages at the bottom of the Door43-Catalog page.