tS Manual and Hard Reset of a Repo

Work-around for the error message of “Cannot upload due to unexpected history”

The second way is what I call “Manual and hard reset.” I got to using it when the first method failed me in a particular situation some time back.

  1. Delete the repo of the ‘troublesome’ book on your D43 account using a browser

  2. Make sure tS is closed, and not running

  3. Locate the folder for the book and copy the entire folder (e.g. ha-mat-text-reg) to your desktop

  4. Open the tS program, and on the home screen, delete the particular book (e.g. Matthew)

  5. Add the book (say, Matthew) as a new ulb project. And when you done this, go to the home screen, and then Exit tS again

  6. Now go back to the TRANSLATIONS folder and locate the new folder for Matthew (e.g. ha-mat-text-reg) and open it

  7. Open in its own window, the old folder you had copied to desktop. And then transfer all files/folders from the old one to the new one with the exception of the .GIT folder

NOTE: you must NOT copy the git folder from the desktop location into the new folder in Translations

  1. Finally reopen tS and try uploading the book again