tS Consulting the Error log

If you are having trouble with translationStudio it can be helpful to find out what the app is saying about the trouble. This is stored in a file called a “Log”. The location of the log file varies depending upon the Operating System of the computer you are using. In every version of translationStudio for Desktop you can get the most recent log information by going to Settings and choosing Open the Developer Tools .

Windows: In the Windows Operating System the Log file is located in a hidden folder. You can find this folder by going to %appdata%\..\local\translationStudio\ and looking at the log.txt file. You can also see this information by pressing Ctrl-⇧-I in translationStudio.

Linux: In Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Peppermint, etc.) the Log file is also located in a hidden folder: ~/.config/translationstudio/ . The keyboard shortcut to open the Developer Tools is the same as in Windows: Ctrl-⇧-I.

Mac: In MacOS the hidden folder is in ~/Library/Application Support/translationstudio/ . The keyboard shortcut is ⌘-⇧-I.