tS Android: What's new for Version 11?

Changes for Android Version 11

Version 11 for Android has been released. Here are the highlights of the changes.

Changes in the Menus

  • Importing

    • Importing from tS Desktop programs - tStudio-Android can import and use tS-Desktop v11 and v11.1 projects.
    • Added info button - hover over the little ‘i’ in a circle to connect to the Internet to read further information about the menu choices
    • Added ability - source texts can now be loaded from File Manager.
    • Merging projects - the end user will be asked if they want to merge projects, if the project has been updated on the Door43/DCS online server.
  • Exporting

    • Added Exporting to USFM
    • Added important message about exporting project to Door43.
    • By uploading the project to your Doo43 account, the content is available to be downloaded by other translators, merged with other projects, or used as an online backup.

Installation and Application Start-Up

  • Speed improvements in application start-up.
  • Warning message if the device has limited memory or screen size.
  • Added visual indication of who is logged in.
  • Ability to sort projects on the home page.
  • Improved the process of resolving merge conflicts.

Printing and Saving

  • translationStudio for Android now supports the chosen target font and size when printing.
  • The program renders non-roman fonts correctly.
  • Implemented new upload/export/print workflows.
  • Added the ability to specify name and location of the exported project, USFM and print files.
  • Improved the workflow for accessing the SD card for importing and exporting files.


  • There is now the ability to search in both the source or the target language biblical text.
  • The searching now includes the text in footnotes.

To Search: In the project, tap on the 3-dot icon, and then choose search from the menu.


  • A bug has been fixed that caused problems when rendering footnote text that contained quotation marks.

Project Review Page

  • Added a scrollbar to handle long lists of contributors.
  • Corrected wording on terms agreement.
  • Easier transition back to project page when leaving the Project Review section.

Other Changes

Project Changes

  • Added chapter title cards to target translation.
  • Added the option to use custom fonts and sizes individually on both source and target cards.

Updated Legal Info

  • Updated wording on License Agreement.
  • Updated wording on Translation Guidelines.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Better workflow when importing projects.
  • Better workflow when importing new source texts.
  • Better workflow when updating target languages.
  • Fix for duplicate questions in resources.