Troubleshooting uploading from translationStudio to Door43

Sometimes an upload to Door43 from translationStudio fails. When this happens, there are several things to check.

  1. Is the user logged in?

    It is possible to be logged in as a local user, but forget this when it’s time to upload.

  2. Is the Internet connection good?

    translationStudio is pretty good at using a weak connection, but if it’s bad enough, it may not work. (It takes too long and the app stops trying.)

  3. Authentication problems.

    If you get an error message like Key content has been used as non-deploy key that probably means that the user should log out of translationStudio and log back in. This happens sometimes when the authentication between the server (Door43) and the app (translationStudio) get out of sync. (You may need to check the log to see the full error text. Please check the help document about checking the log.)

If this solution doesn’t work, it’s possible that Door43 is storing an old key, and is unable to update it for the new key being used by translationStudio. In this case, use a web browser to log in to Door43 ( and choose Your Settings under the menu at the upper right of the screen (with your avatar/icon). Here, look for the SSH / GPG Keys tab, near the center of the page. The keys here are labeled by whether they are from translationStudio Desktop or Android. Use the red delete button to delete the old key. Then, log out from translationStudio and then log back in. You should now be able to upload to Door43.