translationCore v3.6.0 Released

translationCore v3.6.0 Release Notes

translationCore (also called tC or tCore) is free, and both the software and all its content are open-licensed. We pray that this software will help to check Bible translations and will result in the growth and strengthening of the Church.

Release 3.6.0 Overview

Release v3.6.0 focuses mainly on enhancement to the wordAlignment tool that would help editors to align more efficiently.


Additional Known Issues

  • When doing a clean install and including the Git install on Windows, the user may only see a blank white screen for a few minutes while tC completes its first loading process which may take several minutes. Whether or not the blank screen is displayed, the user should end and then restart tC before using it. Follow this issue at #7115.

How to Install

The installation files are available in two versions:

  • The full installation files with more language resources are available on the translationCore v3.6.0release page or go to
  • The smaller installation files with fewer language resources (you can later manually download just the resources you need from Door43) are available on the translationCore v3.6.0LITE release page

Windows Only

  • The installation may include installing an update to the .Net framework. After the installation completes, a .Net install dialog may remain on the screen. If that happens just click Cancel.
  • The installation of Git is part of the installation process. If Git 2.35.1 or greater is not already on the computer, ensure the checkbox for installing Git is checked on the installation dialog. At the end of the installation, if automatically starting tC, you may receive a message indicating that Git needs to be installed. If that message appears, just click the “Close translationCore” button, then restart tC (the app, not the installation). In tC 3.3.0, the restart of tC should be run twice.
  • After installation, starting the application can take a long time (7+ minutes on some machines). There are a lot of new language resources to unpack. Please be patient. Subsequent launches of tC will be faster, but may still take a few minutes.

Mac Only

  • How do you know which install to use? Actually either install will work fine for any Mac:

    • The MacOS installs starting with tC-macos-universal ... contain code compiled for both ARM64 (used in M1/M2) and Intel (used in older Macs). This will run slightly faster on M1/M2 Macs, but is slightly larger.
    • The MacOS installs starting with tC-macos-x64 ... contain code compiled for Intel (in older Macs). Due to the performance of the M1/M2 processors you may not notice any speed difference compared to the universal builds. They are slightly smaller installs.
  • It might take a few minutes to open tC the first time. There are a lot of new language resources to unpack. Please be patient.

  • If you get a message about Git being required, you will need to open your terminal and run:
    xcode-select --install
    sudo xcode-select -s /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools

  • If this does not work, you can launch the app from the command line. Open the terminal and run:

We Need Your Help!

There are two major ways you can help us improve translationCore:

  • Leave user feedback - As you find bugs, nuisances, typos, or have other suggested improvements for tC, please use the user feedback to send us those suggestions! (Go to the Actions menu and click “User Feedback”.)
  • App Localization - If you notice that some of the translated user interface can be improved or if you would like tC to be localized to a new language, you can help! We are using a crowd-sourced platform to localize translationCore. Localization text for tC is spread across three projects: translationCore dashboard in Crowdin, translationWords dashboard in Crowdin, translationNotes dashboard in Crowdin, and wordAlignment dashboard in Crowdin. To help, you must create a user profile, select the correct language, find the correct word or phrase that needs to be improved, and suggest a change! If you would like to start a new language, contact us at and we’ll complete the initial setup for you. (Note: all changes will be incorporated in the next release of tC.)