translationCore v1.1.3 Release Notes

1.1.3 Release Notes

Download tC here

Release 1.1.3 Overview

This release includes patches for a formatting bug, performance issues, and several other bug fixes.

Major New Features

No major new features were included in this release.

Other New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fix formatting bug - This bug improperly handled spacing surrounding punctuation. Fixing this allows the user to import and then export a project and end up with the same spacing.
  • Import/export performance improvement - After a sharp decrease in performance in import/export functions, these processes have now returned to acceptable speeds.
  • Toggling bookmark no longer affects progress - The percentage complete indicator (on the tool card and in the side menu) is no longer affected by the bookmark.
  • Add Target and Original Language to Scripture Pane - If the user closes either the target language or the original language in the scripture pane, they can now be added back to the scripture pane display.
  • Alignment complete marker maintained in USFM3 export - When an aligned project is exported and then reimported, the “Alignment complete” status is now persisted.
  • Enhanced file logs - Improved file logs are now being captured which will help with debugging and user assistance.
  • Verse change notification system - This system notifies the user when a change to the text invalidates previously completed work. This system now accurately shows the number of invalidations on the tool cards before the project is opened in a tool.
  • Menu filter in the Word Alignment tool - A menu filter similar to the one in the translationWords tool is now available for the Word Alignment tool.
  • Projects open to same position as when closed - A bug was fixed so that a tool opens in the same verse or check the user was in when they closed the project or app.

Known Bugs

  • Projects reimported into 1.1.2 - If a project is imported into 1.1.2, then exported, then reimported into 1.1.2, many *s are added to the text. This bug is fixed in 1.1.3 if data corruption has not already taken place. Note: This means if a project is imported once into 1.1.2, then opened in 1.1.3, no data corruption problems occur. If the same project has been imported twice into 1.1.2, data corruption has occurred. In this case please contact us at To avoid this from happening, please upgrade all users to 1.1.3 immediately!
  • Improper rendering of long translationWords - tW’s that span multiple original language words may render incorrectly. (Track here)
  • Slow performance checking for invalidations - After editing a verse, an automated automated verification is performed to see if this edit has invalidated any previous work. In certain circumstances, this process is unacceptably slow. (Track here)

How to Install

The installation files are available on the translationCore v1.1.3 release page.

Windows Only

  • The installation may include installing an update to the .Net framework. After the installation completes, a .Net install dialog may remain on the screen. If that happens just click Cancel.
  • The installation of Git is part of the installation process. If Git 2.9.2 or greater is not already on the computer, ensure the the checkbox for installing Git is checked on the installation dialog. At the end of the installation if automatically starting tC, you may receive a message indicating that Git needs to be installed. If that message appears, just click the “Close translationCore” button, then restart tC (the app, not the installation).
  • After installation, starting the application can take a long time (7+ minutes on some machines). Please be patient. Subsequent launches of tC will be faster, but may still take a few minutes.

Mac Only

  • Install latest Git if Git 2.9.2 if it is not already on the computer.
    • Go to Git - Downloading Package and the executable should automatically download.
    • If your download hasn’t started, click the link that says “Click here to download manually.”
    • Open the downloaded file
    • If your Mac’s permissions did not allow the installation to start then follow the following instructions:
    • Go to System preferences
    • Open Security & privacy
    • Click on the “Open anyway” button at the bottom
    • Then click open
    • The installation should automatically start.
    • Click continue
    • Then Install
  • It might take a few minutes to open tC the first time. Please be patient.
  • If you have updated to High Sierra and get a message about Git being required, you will need to open your terminal and run:

xcode-select --install

  • If you have updated to Mojave and get a message about Git being required, you will need to open your terminal and run:

xcode-select --install

sudo xcode-select -s /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools

  • If this does not work, you can launch the app from the command line. Open the terminal and run: