Translation Helps Updates

The past week has seen a few updates to our translation help resources, here’s the overview of each resource.

Already Released

UTW v10

Updated: 2019-05-17

The unfoldingWord® Translation Words resource has been updated to version 10. This release comes with two significant changes. First, we’ve pared down the number of words in the titles of each article. This should make it simpler to read and reference. Second, we restored the “flood” article that had accidentally been dropped out. See the UTW release page.


Updated: 2019-05-20

The unfoldingWord® Translation Questions have been updated with two minor changes, one a typo and one a word choice fix for clarity. See the UTQ release page.


Updated: 2019-05-21

The unfoldingWord® Translation Notes have had the OrigQuote fields filled out for several more books. The whole NT is now completed with original language quotes for each language and also the OT book of Ruth. See the UTN release page.

Planned Updates

Over the next couple of months we should see more updates to the UTN and we should also see a new release of the unfoldingWord® Translation Academy (UTA).