tC Multiple Users Checking the Same Book

Currently, this is the recommended workflow for allowing multiple people to check the same book of the Bible. Here is the key principle:

Only one person should have the project at any one time.

Treat the project like a physical object that must be passed from one person to another. Here is an illustration:

graph TB; A[Source Project hi_rom]-->B subgraph tC-User1 B[Import to tC]-->C[Check chapters 1-8] end subgraph DCS C-->D[Upload to User1/hi_rom] G end subgraph tC-User2 D-->E[Import to tC] E-->F[Check chapters 9-16] F-->G[Upload to User2/hi_rom] end

After this, if User1 wanted to make further edits they would need to:

  1. Delete User1's existing local copy of the project
  2. Import from User2's DCS copy

graph TB; subgraph DCS D[User2/hi_rom] G end subgraph tC-User1 D-->E[Import to tC] E-->F[Check something] F-->G[Upload to User1/hi_rom] end