tC Create 1.x Release Notes

tC Create 1.2.1

What’s New?

We are pleased to announce that tC Create 1.2.1 is now available online at

Bug Fix:

  • The application no longer opens TSV files containing duplicate IDs. Note: Files with duplicated IDs must be edited manually before tC Create can open them. Please see this instructions document for further information on addressing this problem. #818
  • The tC Create 1.2.1 improves the rendering of ordered and unordered lists in markdown. #613

tC Create 1.2

What’s New?

We are pleased to announce that tC Create 1.2 is now available online at

Features and Enhancements:

The Translation Word Links (TWL) resource is now available for translation. This allows GL teams to edit which Translation Word (TW) articles will be associated with the current verse. This change allows users to edit/ add/remove records in TWL resources. #760
TWL files are also validated when they are opened to ensure that the file is structured properly for use in tC Create. #787
A number of updates were made to the Content Validator #786
tC Create will now issue an error message if the user supplies an invalid URL when attempting to add a new scripture version #548

Bug Fix:

The app no longer crashes when the user adds data to deleted rows #639
The On-open Validator no longer hangs for Russian GL files #737

tC Create 1.1.1

What’s New?
We are pleased to announce that tC Create 1.1.1 is now officially released and is available online at

Features and Enhancements:
The toolbar with the save button will now always remain visible in TSV projects, and it will be made visible in markdown projects by scrolling up slightly. Users no longer need to scroll to the top of the page in order to click save. #236, #717
Some of the validation messages have been clarified and updated. #604, #638

Bug Fix:
Clicking on a book reference link will no longer open an error page. #679
Other minor bugs #469, #498

tC Create 1.1.0

What’s New?
We are pleased to announce that tC Create 1.1.0 is now officially released and is available online at

Feature Enhancements
Content validation on demand #499
Content validation on open #500
Users can set validation levels based on priority. #618
Translation of TQ files in markdown file format now supported in tC Create #665
Translation of OBS - TQ files now supported in tC Create #666

Bug Fixes:
Blue bar and repo chips in tN scrolled out of view. This is fixed. #455
Copy paste from scripture pane retained existing HTML styles. Copying formatted or highlighted text from scripture pane won’t retain highlighting or other HTML styles on paste. Pasting text copied from source in preview mode to target in preview mode will preserve formatting. #444

What’s New in 1.0.0:

We are pleased to announce that tC Create 1.0.0 is now officially released and is available online at

Features(Change Log):

  • Edits markdown and tsv files that are structured to match unfoldingWord’s resources
  • Markdown files can be edited in smaller text blocks or large chunks.
  • Users can add new rows to the editable tsv files.
  • User-friendly tool startup workflow
  • Scripture viewer handles original languages with highlighting of the associated text.
  • Parallel scripture pane supports viewing ULT, UST, and Original language simultaneously.
  • Translation work is done in an individual user branch to protect the master file.
  • Tools tips added to icons wherever applicable for user guidance.
  • Direct link to Branch file.
  • Supports Verse Ranges

Known Bugs:

#162: If row filter is applied and Preview is on, then app directs to 1st page (Introduction) of the selected book.
#165: Compare branch button is not working. Workaround: Click the target file name, the door43 file will open in a separate, click the History button, and choose the change history you wish to check.
#241: Misalignment in target resource content when a new block is inserted.


Hi! Congratulations, this software has been so helpful to us translators.

While working with the tool we have encountered some issues that we’d like to report:

(1) Preview breaks when there is an empty line in between parent and children of a nested list.

This was found while translating a file in the translationWords repository.
In this file there is a list written like this:

 1. First item

    * First nested item
    * Second nested item

2. Second item

    * First nested item
    * Second nested item


When the software finds an empty line in between the parent item and the child item it breaks the preview making the child item cover the whole width of the screen and making it hard to check the translation from the software.
I guess this happens because it first separates the text segments in blocks if it finds an empty line in between, and then tries to render each block, so it breaks after trying to render a block that has a nested list item without a parent.

  • Quick temporal solution: edit the file removing the empty lines in between nested lists.

  • Possible fix: The software should look forward after finding a list item and check if the following text segment is a nested list item. If that’s the case don’t separate them in different blocks.

(2) Software keeps removing <sup></sup> tags when editing a file.

After editing any block in the file through the app it will randomly remove the <sup></sup> tags.

  • Quick temporal solution: add the <sup></sup> tags last. After the rest of the file is done editing.

(3) Consecutive indented lines are misrendered

In another file, there is a portion of the text written like this:

> But **godliness** with **contentment** is great **gain**. (1 Timothy 6:6 ULT)
> > But **being godly** and **content** is very **beneficial**.
> > But we **benefit** greatly when we **are godly** and **content**.
> > But we **benefit** greatly when we **honor and obey God** and when we are **happy with what we have**.

But it is rendered like this:

But godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Timothy 6:6 ULT)

But being godly and content is very beneficial. But we benefit greatly when we are godly and content. But we benefit greatly when we honor and obey God and when we are happy with what we have.

in this case it ignores the line breaks and renders all the consecutive indented lines as if they were just one indented line.

  • Quick temporal solution: add a line with a < symbol between each pair of indented lines in the markdown file.

Thank you so much again for the great work, I hope this report is useful.

God bless you all.


It would also be nice if something like this: , could be added to the tCore Create app.

Some translators have had trouble understanding how to use Markdown to format text so adding a formatting menu like the one above would be very useful.