Resource Linking Overview

This post is meant to provide a high level overview of the links that exist between our unfoldingWord® suite of resources. It is not as detailed as Deep Linking Overview, which goes into the mechanics of how the links are made.

Key to the chart:

  • Thick lines indicate that many links occur
  • Thin lines indicate that a few links occur
  • Dotted lines indicate reference but not actual linking

graph BT; subgraph Scripture D>UGNT/UHB] A[ULT] C[UST] end subgraph Parascripture B(UTN) F(UTW) G(UTQ) end subgraph Peripheral H((Lexicons)) E((UTA)) end C==>D A==>D B==>D D==>H B-->F B==>E D-->F F==>E G-.->A E-->F


Open Bible Stories

unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories (OBS) and its associated resources are linked in a similar manner. Note that the OBS resources reference the regular UTW and UTA resources, but it has its own set of questions and notes. Also, notice that there is a set of Study Notes and Study Questions for OBS that have not yet been developed for Scripture. See the following chart.

graph BT; D>OBS] B(OBS-UTN) F(UTW) A(OBS-USN) C(OBS-USQ) G(OBS-UTQ) E((UTA)) B==>D B-->F B==>E D-->F F==>E E-->F G-.->D A-.->D C-.->D