Original Language Content Updates

We have content updates that we are releasing this quarter for nearly all of our content pieces. This is an overview of some updates we’ve made to our original language resources and what’s coming in the near future.

The UHB and the UGNT should both be available in translationCore and also in translationStudio now.

Already Released

UHB v2.1.1

Updated: 2019-03-29

The unfoldingWord® Hebrew Bible has been updated to include all of the morphological data for every form in the Hebrew and Aramaic Old Testament. This data comes from the Open Scriptures Hebrew Bible project and is the culmination of 10 years worth of work. See the UHB release page.

UGNT v0.5

Updated: 2019-04-05

The unfoldingWord® Greek New Testament was updated with several punctuation and morphology fixes. There were nine word related changes which you can see in this commit if you are interested. See the UGNT releases page.

UHG v1

Updated: 2019-04-17

The unfoldingWord® Hebrew Grammar has received another round of revisions recently and we’ve tagged it as version 1 a couple weeks ago. The PDFs still aren’t generating perfectly but it is available as HTML and Epub. See the UHG releases page.

Planned Updates

The UHB and the UGNT are both expected to receive some updates in the near future related to how they present words that are kept or omitted in certain manuscripts. This will mostly affect the UGNT but will bring consistency to how these are referenced. The ULT and the UST will have changes that correspond to these as well.

The UHB will also have a release that includes tagged translationWords articles for several more books of the Old Testament. As of now this has been done for Ruth but we hope to have half a dozen completed before the end of June.


In the last couple of months we have had several more releases of the UGNT and the UHB. Here is the overview.

UHB v2.1.7

Updated: 2019-06-21

The last few updates of the UHB have included several metadata changes, most notably is a change in the versification system being used. We changed the versification of the UHB so that it matches the ULT. The goal of this change is to simplify the translation and reference process for Gateway Language teams and supplemental resources (such as our translation helps suite).

See the UHB releases page for more details.

UGNT v0.8

Updated: 2019-06-19

In the last few UGNT releases we have made extensive updates to punctuation and general formatting errors. This includes removing all of the English style quote marks. We also changed how we are representing disputed verses, they used to only be in a footnote but now we have the text in the verse but surrounded by single brackets. There is still a footnote that indicates that the verse is disputed.

See the UGNT releases page for more details.


Both of the above resources are usable in Door43 (UGNT, UHB), in translationStudio, or in translationCore. If you are using the latest version of tC, version 1.1.4, make sure to use the “Source Content Updater” function to get the latest content.