Online Discussion Forums

Mostly for my own sake, I’m listing out some of the various online discussion forums that relate to biblical content and Bible translation. I’ll try to provide a brief summary as well as a link.

Did I miss any (I’m sure I did…)? Post a comment and I’ll add it in.

Discussion Forums

  • Door43 Forum – This one! Focus of this site is on unrestricted biblical content in every language.
  • Technology.Bible – Discussion about Bible translation and distribution technology.
  • B-Greek – The Biblical Greek Forum, for discussion about Greek the language.
  • B-Hebrew – The Biblical Hebrew Forum, for discussion about the Hebrew language.
  • MAP – Modular Aggregation of Principles for Bible Translation

Chat Groups

  • Door43 Slack – Chat companion to this site, for chatting about unrestricted biblical content in every language.
  • Biblical Humanities Slack – Chat about original language research and content.
  • ETCBC-VU – Discussion about software and content related to the ETCBC data.
  • Kingdom Builders – A Slack Community for Technology in Missions and Ministry

Mailing Lists

  • Open Scriptures – Mailing list for all things related to openly licensed biblical scriptures (not as active as it used to be)
  • Open Scriptures HB - Sub list of the above, for discussion about the Hebrew Bible projects in particular.
  • ICCM – International Conference on Computing in Mission mailing list