New DCS Release!

We have been working hard over the past few months to update our Door43 Content Service (DCS) to include new features and update the code base to the latest upstream version. Many thanks to @rich for doing the bulk of the work here and also contributing significant code to the upstream Gitea project.


In addition to the features that are listed in Gitea 1.8 and 1.7 (which are many!), we have a few tweaks that are specific to DCS to make you aware of.

See on Door43

The previous “See on Door43” button has been replaced with a “Preview” tab. Here is the before shot:

and now:

The functionality is the same but the link to it has moved. This fits better within the theme and should prevent the odd button wrapping issues that we previously had.

Searching an Organization’s Projects

It is now possible to easily filter the list of projects that an organization owns. This has always been possible for regular users but now it works for organizations too, for example see the search bar here Door43 Resource Catalog - Door43 Content Service.

Pull Requests Show Project and Branch

When creating a new pull request, you’ll now be able to see which project and which branch are being used, like so:

This should make it easier to find the correct branch for you to merge.

API Improvements

For the developers, we’ve added several features to the API to enable more functionality. In particular, you can now get a list of files from a repo and you can add or update files directly through the API. The best way to see these in action is to check out

Enjoy! :tada:

Two more features to list here related to issues… Due dates and dependencies!

You can now set a due date for an issue and you can set dependencies for an issue. You can find both of these features on the bottom right of an issue page, they look like this:

Once you have them set they should look like this:

When you add a dependency you should see a link in the issue history going both directions. In fact, it will automatically show up like this on the blocking issue: