How Can a Developer Access Door43 Translations?

If I’m a developer looking for a way to include translations from the Door43 ecosystem, where should I start? How do I get access to alignment data or the translation helps?

For access to our published translations (in the “Door43 Catalog”), the first place I’d recommend looking is Door43 Resource Catalog (v3) — uW and Door43 API Information 0.1 documentation. Essentially, we have links to all our translations available in a JSON catalog, which points to the source files which are all USFM.

Probably you only want a subset of that huge catalog based on resource type, so we have several parsed catalogs that only include a particular type of resource: . For example, Aligned Bible will get you USFM3 formatted translations that have alignment data to Greek and Hebrew. This format include Strong’s numbers but it also includes the Greek or Hebrew text itself (either from the UGNT or the UHB respectively). The data for this is generated in our translationCore WordAlignment tool and then exported to DCS and published into the catalog. By 2020 there should be at least a dozen NTs that are mostly tagged/aligned and available there.

The USFM3 format is admittedly unwieldy, but so is just about any translation alignment format! There is some documentation on the format at Unlocked Bible Interchange Format (UBXF) — Resource Container 0.2 documentation. May be easiest to just review a small book to see what it looks like, e.g. Jude (ULT).