Graphviz Chart Plugin Example

We have Graphviz enabled on this forum, so in addition to the cool Mermaid charts you can also do more interesting things with Graphviz.

Here is an example:

a a b b a--b c c a--c d d a--d e e a--e g g a--g b--c b--d b--e b--g c--d c--e c--g d--e d--g e--g

The above is generated with text like this:

[graphviz engine=circo]
graph {
    a -- b;
    b -- c;
    c -- d;
    d -- e;
    e -- g;
    a -- g;
    a -- c;
    a -- d;
    a -- e;
    b -- d;
    b -- e;
    b -- g;
    c -- e;
    c -- g;
    d -- g;

More details on the plugin here: Graphviz Plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta . Also, check out the graphviz gallery page for more interesting examples of what you can do with it.