GL - UGNT Alignment Process

Aligning a Gateway Language to the UGNT could follow this process:

graph TB; subgraph Pre-align with MT Engine A[Autographa MT]-->B[Export to JSON] end subgraph NPM module B-->C end subgraph tC C[Convert to USFM3]-->D[Import to tC] D-->E[Review and Revise] E-->F[Upload to DCS] end F-->A F-->G[Publish to Door43 Catalog] click G "" "Publish Request" H[USFM2]-->C
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The expanded AgMT branch

graph TB; A[USFM2] --> B[AgMT Auto Alignment with WH Text] A --> C[USFM3 Converter] subgraph tC C-->G[Import to tC] end subgraph AutographaMT B-->D[Load to alignments to AgMT Web Editor] D-->E[Alignment verification/fixing<pre>Human Assisted</pre>] E-->F[Export JSON] E-->H[Reconciling <br />the alignment data with UGNT<br />as base text<pre>Human Assisted</pre>] H-->F end F-->C