Downloading Content Source Files for Translating Offline

Gateway language (GL) teams normally should get content from the Door43-Catalog to use as source text, but there may be exceptions. In the case of an exception, to get content from another repository, such as the unfoldingWord repos, use git in order to preserve the history.

  1. Fork the repo (the fork part of Translate Content Online - Door43 - Door43 Forum)
  2. Clone their fork of the repo to your local machine to use offline

If the GL team is not using git, they must get the source text from the Door43-Catalog. In addition to the content file itself, download the manifest.yaml file to preserve a record of which version was downloaded, or alternatively, record the version number from the manifest.yaml file.

For example, for downloading a source file from the English UST, download the manifest.yaml file also. See the image below for the English UST (en_ust).

Version number in the manifest.yaml file for the English UST (en_ust):


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