Critical Conversion Error Message


Sometimes you’ll come across pages on Door43 that have a critical error that looks like this:

Causes of the Error

Often this happens because the conversion system can’t identify the type of project that it’s trying to convert. This can happen when the project does not follow the general naming guidelines and when it does not include a manifest.yaml file.

Another possible cause is that the conversion system may not have support for the provided project type yet.

Possible Solution

If the project does not have a manifest.yaml file, this would be the best place to start to address the issue. Try copying a manifest file from another project and modify the relevant fields for your project. Here are some examples manifest files: en_obs, en_ult, en_ta.

If that doesn’t work, feel free to post here with a link to your project or reach out to the Door43 help desk to ask about it.

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