Creating a basic CCBT Tutorial

I think it would be helpful to assemble a high-level intro to CCBT (e.g., “How to get started”) and post it on the CCBT website. What do you guys think?


I agree. Also, it should link into the larger CCBT description/training material currently being currated/overviewed in Dr. Alex’s document?

We actually need a more concise training material other than Translation academy with more exercises for the mother tongue translators.

@Malcuma_68 This sounds like a great idea! Are you thinking that something like an exercise workbook that accompanied tA would be helpful to reinforce the concepts? Or are you thinking of a whole new resource?

I am sorry for this delayed reply.
I was thinking of having a workbook that probably are extracted from the tCore parameters for the MTTs to work on even as we teach them the topics.
If I get a notification when you reply, I can check to know your ideas.