Copying and pasting into or out of tS

Hello and thanks for having me.

Initially I started my translation project in an Excel spreadsheet, and wanted to copy my work over to Translation Studio; however, I was unable to paste it into the boxes (even after having clicked on the pencil icon). Similarly, I can’t copy-and-paste anything I do in Translation Studio into another file from another program. Might I know why this is? Or am I simply doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @DtK_PW. What version of tS are you using and on what platform (Windows, Mac, Android)?

Hello @jag3773,

I’m on version 12.0 (build 140) on Mac.

Hi @DtK_PW, are you saying that your Cmd-X, Cmd-C, and Cmd-V are not working in tS for Cut, Copy and Paste, respectively (Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V for non-Apple devices)? Do these three Cmd functions work in other applications for you?

Hello @antrobia,

What you’ve said is true — those three commands (‘clipboard commands’, if I might call them that) don’t work for me in tS whereas they do in other apps.

I created an issue for this at Cannot Paste into Input Box · Issue #1268 · unfoldingWord-dev/ts-desktop · GitHub, I can replicate the problem on my system.

I hope to get this fix into the next update of tS which should be in the next few months.

Really sorry for the late reply @jag3773 — only just saw this.

Much appreciated; thank you very much!