translationStudio Version 12 πŸŽ‰


Two years after tS Desktop 11.1 was released, we are happy to announce the release of tS Desktop version 12.0 and tS Android version 12.0!


tS Desktop Version 12.0 Downloads

tS Android Version 12.0 Downloads

Release Notes

Removed Features

After much deliberation, there are a few features that we removed from tS Desktop in version 12, these are:

  • The ability to translate translationNotes (previously available in GL Mode)
  • The ability to translate translationQuestions (previously available in GL Mode)

We removed these two features because we no longer had a good way to update the source content for them and the data format for the uploaded material is also deprecated. We have plans to provide a more robust translation helps translation tool in the very near future with the Gateway Language Translation Suite.

Note: Any existing tN or tQ translation project will not be shown in version 12.0, but the project still exists on your computer and you may still work on it by opening tS 11.1 again.

Enhanced Features

Source Materials Updated

This latest build includes all of the latest source translations and translation helps materials that are available in the Door43 Catalog. You should now see dozens more translations (including Greek and Hebrew) and helps resources available right away without needing to do a source content update. At the time of writing, the content in the apps represents about 58 languages, including the following helps resources:

Helps Pane Fallback

We also set English as a fallback for the translation helps resources pane. If you’re viewing a source translation that does not have any helps available, English helps should show in the helps pane.

Helps Resources Display

We made it possible to view the book and chapter level introductory material found in the Notes. In addition, we made several more types of links clickable in the helps pane.

tC Interoperability

translationStudio now has better interoperability with translationCore. However, the workflow for moving projects back and forth is not complete until tC supports project overwrite from DCS. It is possible (in tC) to do an overwrite from a USFM file as a local import.


We fixed several bugs related to the translation helps not showing up when viewing non-English translations. Now, when helps resources are available in other languages they should properly show when viewing that language as a source translation.

Of course, there were also several other minor bugs that we addressed in Android and Desktop.


The documentation for tS is still at translationStudio v11.1 Documentation β€” translationStudio Information 0.1 documentation.

One more technical note: you can now configure three fields in the Settings pane on tS Desktop if your environment calls for it:

  • Data Server
  • Media Server
  • Help Desk Email