tC Create 1.x Release Notes

What’s New in 1.0.0:

We are pleased to announce that tC Create 1.0.0 is now officially released and is available online at

Features(Change Log):

  • Edits markdown and tsv files that are structured to match unfoldingWord’s resources
  • Markdown files can be edited in smaller text blocks or large chunks.
  • Users can add new rows to the editable tsv files.
  • User-friendly tool startup workflow
  • Scripture viewer handles original languages with highlighting of the associated text.
  • Parallel scripture pane supports viewing ULT, UST, and Original language simultaneously.
  • Translation work is done in an individual user branch to protect the master file.
  • Tools tips added to icons wherever applicable for user guidance.
  • Direct link to Branch file.
  • Supports Verse Ranges

Known Bugs:

#162: If row filter is applied and Preview is on, then app directs to 1st page (Introduction) of the selected book.
#165: Compare branch button is not working. Workaround: Click the target file name, the door43 file will open in a separate, click the History button, and choose the change history you wish to check.
#241: Misalignment in target resource content when a new block is inserted.